Change your marketing messages with the click of a mouse.

Our access terminals are intelligent and can enhance your business delivering a rapid ROI.

Deploy where staff need to access or record data.

Your staff are instantly connected to your backend systems and will use the Touch screen or keypad to interact, retrieving and submitting data direct to your core systems.

Our terminal are fully contained in a robust and sleak vesa mount housing, they  can be configured and managed remotely and can report back on activity and by who’m.

Ideal for use in integrated care, PMS, access, kitchen and 100’s of business scenarios.

Allow your employees to access and enter business data within their natural daily process.

Delivers Efficiently, Cost and Resource savings transforming your operations and delivers the latest metrics  to your management team.

Works with all sectors server or cloud based business solutions that support browser access, can present different interfaces per user.

Supports smart working.

Contact us with details of your services provider team so we can deliver you a demonstration.

An ADS Cloud access terminal solution