AD Series partner with Digital Interlock Software to offer bespoke and standard integrated solutions, remotely managing content software.

Product Overview

Our digital devices can be installed in any location, no matter where your venues are based around the globe. All you need is a wifi connection to receive all the benefits from our platform.

Using a powerful scheduler it’s now possible to promote more than just the name of the drink. Allowing you to display multiple marketing materials at a time that suits your business and customers.

Promote what you like when you like either in full screen or split screens. For example you may wish to advertise the brand of the drink at the top half of the screen, whilst promoting multiple offers & products that loop on screen in the lower half of the screen. Or perhaps you would like to increase your food sales by promoting latest food and drink deals.


Digital retro-fit circular screen

The lens will fit most existing trade equipment with little or no modification.

The high definition screen gives crystal clear content. So clear that your customers can scan a QR code.

The Lens uses a unique system to anchor the lens to the font securely making it very hard to remove.

Fits directly into a standard Lens POD, and uses the power supply for the LED board, which plugs directly into the underbar Transformer.