The ‘Big’ Customer Challenge – Speed and Response is Key – AD Series Delivers Again!

Day 1 – The customer first contacted AD Series…


I had a fantastic enquiry come in to my inbox over the weekend but my MD is not here today and I need some help urgently.

Are you still the man to talk to at AD Series?

Requirement Commercial Android tablets for retail deployment in 1,800 stores.  within budget size to be 10” minimum, 15.6” preferred.

Can you help?  

Day 2 

Standard and Lite option costs generated and passed to channel along with airfreight costs to USA

15.6” Octab Lite commercial A64 tablet, Bulked packed with localized power.

Day 9

Samples shipped to customer teams in 2 continents

Day 12

Order confirmed

To be delivered in two large batches to North America and 1 small batch to another country

Day 31

600pcs shipped & 1,070psc shipped 5 days later

Day 37

600pcs delivered to North America

Day 43

Remaining 1,070psc delivered to North America

Customer timeline and product requirement met 100%