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Shelf Edge Solutions

We have many years experience delivering shelf-edge digital display solutions to customers all over the world and meeting a very wide range of requirements from standard to highly customised.

Shelf Edge Solutions - Lightframe

Comprehensive range of framed and open frame commercial grade displayers and monitors. Available with buttons and PIR. All our displays have proven exceptional levels of reliability.

10.1 Portable Tablet with AD Series transparrent with Portables Logo

AD Series Professional Tablets - Always on, commercial grade tablets for public deployment of Android apps. Fantastic to demonstrate multiple products in a retail / POS environment


To achieve startlingly effective performance from your battery-powered promotions.


Design & manufacture highly reliable PCBs & solutions to deliver value


Android integrated peripherals, LEDs, switches & more...

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Why Choose Us?


1). Command Attention!

>> 76% of buying decisions are made in-store¹ – Get your product or promotion or brand noticed by your customers. Signal shoppers from a distance and make them stop and look!
>> Inform your customer. Video content delivers much more information and quickly than reading text
>> Increase dwell time. Target your customer with engaging content, tell them what they need to know and time spent at your product will rise significantly¹ Popai Shopper Engagement Survey 2012

2). Differentiate Your Brand

>> Make your product stand out in crowded retail space
>> 8 out of 10 consumers agree displays are a good way for brands to talk to people¹ and 78% believe they can make a brand or product seem attractive²
>> Reach out to your target audience and create stand-out at the point of purchase>> Go to the next level - create a deeper level of understanding about your product¹
Third party UK trial 2012² Marketing Week 2010

3). Enhance Your Customer Experience

>> Interact with your customer and put them in charge
>> 90% of consumers agree interactivity is effective at capturing customer attention¹
>> Provide more information to your customer where and when they need it
>> Use technology your customers are familiar with and trust - QR codes, touchscreens, movement sensors. Touchscreens most popular with 78% of consumers¹

4). Product Visualisation

>> Bring your product powerfully to life for your customers. More than 75% of shoppers find digital advertising helpful¹ and studies show up to 47% unprompted advertising recall¹
>> Demonstrate your product in action, show your customers how and why they would use it, spell out your USPs
>> Target different shopper types - the impulse buyer, the informed purchaser, the emotional shopper¹ Arbitron 2011

5). Tie Expenditure to Revenue Generation

>> Digital displays deliver up to 50% increase on sales at point of purchase¹ and up to 30% of shoppers make unplanned purchases due to advertising on digital displays²
>> Perfect medium for a clear, compelling product story with a powerful close - buy now, take to the till
>> Re-useable marketing resources with none of the recurring or logistical overheads of print¹
Various studies² Arbitron 2011

6). Increase Your Brand Equity

>> Moving images command up to 70% more recall for your product and your brand over static images
>> Informative content gives shop staff a valuable sales aid - making it easy for them to understand and to sell your brand
>> Tie innovative and value-added POS with your brand and its values

We Offer Bespoke Digital Display Solutions

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