AD Series Displays



Reliable integrated customer solutions for audio and visual players

10.1 Portable Tablet with AD Series transparrent with Portables Logo

Always on, commercial grade tablets for public deployment of Android apps

AVX460-1 Player

Commercial range for your APKs or alternatively as our players


For retail, signage, point of sale (POS) & kiosk integrators


Design & manufacture highly reliable PCBs & solutions to deliver value


Android integrated peripherals, LEDs, switches & more...

We Offer Bespoke Digital Display Solutions

Why Choose Us?


1). Trusted Manufacturing Partner

You can rely on our years of experience and expertise to deliver professional grade, high reliability, purpose designed products with rigorous QA and attention to detail on plug types, certifications, labelling etc.

2). Standard & Custom Products

Can be based on existing or entirely new infrastructure with a wide range of proven solutions, OEM, branding & white label.

3). We Build Product from the Ground Up

All production, from PCB to finished product is under our control delivering stability & flexibility.

4). Low Volume and Mass Production

We specialise in providing small and high volume plus variations within a run giving you increased efficiency with lower cost.

5). Best Cost & Access to Supply Options

We procure inventory direct from manufacture with focus always on reliability, cost and timescales. Our prices are consistently lower than our competitors'.

6). Stability and Obsolescence Protection

We can protect your design and product requirement and hold stock of critical items to meet your life cycle requirements and deadlines. You are assured of ongoing product availability and a protected design.

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We Offer Bespoke Digital Display Solutions


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